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Humane design

2.8-inch TFT 320 * 240 high-definition screen, digital solutions mature and stable.
Handwritten & keyboard dual input.
Super high-fidelity speakers.
Elegant stainless steel body, ultra-book models.
Thickness of only 10mm.

Use of the crowd

Foreign trade business —— foreign business owners, receiving foreign dignitaries, send e-mail in English, business, foreign trade contracts signed, a written one click, easy to get.

EJU —— TOEFL, IELTS, you save three or four thousand of the training fees.

Travel abroad ——to ask road, writing names; want to eat, write name of the dish; Handwritten keyboard input.

Foreign work ——correspondence, business contracts, product descriptions, job proficiency, high-paying promotion again and again.

Learning charge ——entrepreneurs, owners, white collar, synchronous learning, to meet operational needs.

Business casual —— dictionaries, electronic photo album, calendar, notepad, mobile U disk, world clock, games, sound recordings, books, MP3, MP4 phone book and other information.


Sentence translation function - with millions of Chinese and English sentence database back-end database, intelligent search translation technology and the perfect combination of accurate translation is more accurate. Break with traditional electronic dictionary can translate words, phrases, technical bottlenecks, the first time in English two-way sentence translation. Without regard to syntax, type the whole English translation of the Chinese immediately, enter the entire English translation of the Chinese immediately. Accuracy rate of 98.7% or more.

Authority of the electronic dictionaries - English-Chinese, Chinese-English, English-English, Chinese, idioms, such as ancient Chinese authoritative Oxford Dictionary Longman. Built: Japan, China and South Korea, and West, France, Germany, Russia and the Netherlands, in grapes, can be between two-way dictionary dictionary then jump to support fuzzy search, word reading program.

Sino-British pronunciation - with the world's leading TTS voice sound system and intelligent controller, the standard text into sound natural in English pronunciation, through the intelligent voice control, speech rate and automatically adjust the sound tone sounder than a single word More coherent and more smoothly.

Handwriting input - 2.8-inch color touch-screen high-definition support cursive handwriting, and even pen intelligent recognition, handwriting recognition is high, with a full keyboard of 26 letters, handwritten & keyboard dual input, simple and quick and convenient, at any time require any translation, one to write a press English communication barrier.

Fourth Congress, then - covering the world today the most widely used, the 14 most frequently used language in a machine; always take the headset, while learning to use; a bilingual show, intimate design. Human voice, experts recorded, authentic. (Chinese, English, Western, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, France, Thailand, Arab,).

Audio electronic books - TTS top pronunciation system, usually a text file so that the text is in English pronunciation, to support the electronic bookmarks, and English online query. MP4, full decoding AVI, 3GP, MP4 and other formats.

Back word - the word animation, memory more easily, completely contains the various stages of primary school to university word library, built-in five-dimensional three-dimensional memory, the memory of law Ebbinghaus two good ways for you to learn quickly, remember the prison.

MP3 repeater - Support MP3, WMA format, with AB repeat loop, local materials, quality teaching materials to support repeat, repeat it after function. More than 1,000 textbooks for free download, synchronous classroom, professional speaking (new concept, ACT, etc.).

New Oriental materials - built-in authority of the New Oriental oral materials, human voice. Oral practice, learning essential tool for the sentence.

Nine features synchronous learning - knowledge point synchronization, teacher explanation, to seize the test center, focused, Overcoming Difficulties, to make learning easier.

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